Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hello!  It feels like we are well into summer after the long, warm spring we had.  I've been beating myself up for not jumping into the gardening as fervently as I've done in the past, but every day comes with its own set of rules.  Everything I have coming up in the gardens are perennials like this clematis.  The past two years I've had my ivy choke it out so I've been pruning a lot.  And then I guess you can count the lettuce and spinach I planted a few weeks ago.  That will be ready to make some yummy salads with in another 2-3 weeks.  

Given that we are at the lake every weekend and I have little Madelyn here on Mondays, I don't have a lot of time to just go out and get dirty.  I have my patio table and chairs out but everything needs a good cleanup.  I feel exhausted looking at it. makes my heart ache that we've had all of these great sunny days and I could use an hour or two getting some vitamin D and watching my dogs bask in the rays.  I just have to get to work to turn it into my little Shangri-La.   

I've talked a little about the work we are having on the front of our house; a new porch, sidewalk and driveway.  Newly painted gutters and shutters, new sod and bushes.  One huge project that's going to go on for weeks.  The porch starts next week.  We decided on 'piece by piece' stone and we have a great guy, a master mason, designing and doing the job.  I've yet to get quotes on the driveway, etc.  I'm going to have to do more walking surveillance in the neighborhood.  Bushes, hedges,'s all a mystery suddenly.  In the meantime our house looks haunted.  I've always prized how pretty my porch looks with all my clay pots of impatiens every summer.  The gorgeous ivy and blue shutters making it look like a home in the south of France  Well, this may be an exaggeration, but you get my sentiment.  Anyway, something ate my lawn in spite of my dreadful and copious use of pesticides and fertilizers.  The porch was crumbling so bad I stopped getting creative with pots and window boxes.  Every time it rains I get mud puddles in the driveway.  This is very embarrassing for someone who takes pride in every bloom and blade of grass.  Just hanging in there.   

On the flip side, things at the lakehouse are moving along swimmingly.  After losing two summers with the repairs on the house, the beach was so overgrown with weeds and grass, the water filled with muck and mud and weeds, it was a huge endeavor to clean it up.   It was sort of cool though because of the lack of activity on our property, it became a haven for the blue herons and swans.  We've been seeing them here and there, but before long they will know the gig is up.  Long story short, we hired a small company that we used years ago when The Husband was sick.  It's fittingly called The Beach Boys.  The truckload of sand is delivered and then wheelbarrows are used to dump it in the water.  We go out about 15 feet so when swimming, your feet are touching a sandy bottom.  And then the beach speaks for itself.  I can't wait to sit there with a good book and sunscreen.  

The Husband surprised me with this table and chair set he ordered from Hayneedle.  It's our new favorite website.  Great prices.  I have to say I like it.  His main concern was more seating for our ever growing family.  I'm okay about him choosing it (behind my back.  Ahem.), but I have the fun job of picking out seat cushions and an outdoor rug.  I'll share when I get them in.

In this shot you can see the side of the Summerhouse, or guest house, in the background.  I have yet to go in there to De-bug, De-cobweb/spiderweb, De-stinkbug.  Lots of scrubbing and airing out.  Do you see the little front porch on it?  It's so stinking cute.  It's not very much a guest house, we do have two twin beds that fold out, they are behind closet doors.  But I have wicker furniture, a comfy rocker, a small drop leaf table and chairs, a few lamps and a TV.  There are screened windows all around so it's heavenly to escape there to read or just chill.  At night it's a place to get away from mosquitos.  The ceiling fan can also be switched to fan out heat on colder days/nights.  I'll take some pictures soon.  We've had this little place for over ten years, I think I've shared pics before.  

What would a post be without a little blurb about Miss Mad?  She took her first plane ride to Seattle last week.  4 1/2 hours.  Emily said she was great.  Emily was also drinking Bloody Mary's.  Mike had work and his brother also lives there so they stayed with him.  Em brought back some fabulous cooking oils from Pike's Market for me as a Mother's Day gift.  She knows me.  And she has some for herself.  She has always been interested in cooking but now that she's home more to make meals, she's exploring much like I did.  And speaking of Mother's Day, she and Mike had a little barbecue Sunday and we all had a ball.  Two new mothers in the family!   

Madelyn and I had our day together yesterday when Emily worked.  She was fighting a cold and was getting worse as the day went on.  I held her most of the day as when she seemed really sleepy, I'd lay her down and she'd immediately wake up crying.  I'm just so attached to her.  We were hot and sweaty (85 degrees and no air conditioners yet), but I held her and smelled her and kissed her in spite of us sticking together.  Turns out she has an ear infection.  Emily was beside herself.  Sad that babies (and pets) can't tell us what is wrong   We just do our best.     

The Husband went to the lake alone last weekend, I just chose to stay home feeling like I have more to do here.  I sort of relish my time alone, too, which is odd because I'm home alone all day.  So I stocked up on some good food and wine, and had a real movie marathon Friday and Saturday night.  More later.  

I needed a few things from Target last week and of course, had to browse through the book department.  We no longer have any bookstores in my immediate area.  There is a Barnes and Noble about 40 minutes away.  So I picked up two books I absolutely didn't need.

Beatriz Williams has a number of novels...I wish I had started with her first because some characters reappear in novels.  I read The Secret Life of Violet Gray, and just loved it.  Williams has a great way of mixing the past and the present, and creating memorable characters.  She truly knows her history which makes her writing almost non-fiction.  And did I say her characters can be incredibly laugh out loud funny?  Just a nice mix in this novel.  Can't wait to start this one.  Another nice shout out, she's on Instagram and I happened to leave a comment and she responded.  Love that.  The real deal.  

The other book, The Girls in the Garden, sold me by reading the jacket and reviews.  Hope it lives up to my expectations.  And I hope I can find some time to sit down with one of them...and the stack I already have.  

I may be biased but I think my dogs are very photogenic.  Mostly because they are often doing stupid things or looking a little more human-like than we care to think.  This is Layla's chair.  I'm not kidding.  She and Milo each have their own just as The Husband and I do.  The Bunker's.  


A sweet blogger wrote that she likes some of my random recommendations and thoughts, so I thought I'd give you a few every now and then.  Nothing categorized (Who? Me?).  So here you go...

Weekend Movie Marathon When The Husband Was Away

Friday night:  Dear John with  Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.  Typical Nicholas Sparks tear jerker, but jerk it did.

The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen and the great Betty White.  I thought this would just be another mediocre RomCom but it was really good.  Good storyline and fun.  And I never knew Sandra Bullock had such a nice shape.  Sigh...

Confessions of a Shopaholic with Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy.  I love all of the books in this series by Sophie Kinsella.  They are hysterically funny and the Brits do humor right.  Isla Fisher is a wonderful comedian and I'd love to have her hair.

Please don't judge me by my shallow movie picks, it was Friday night and I was a woman on my own.  Did you think I was going to watch Phycho or When a Stranger Calls?

Saturday night:

Sabrina with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond.  No, not the classic.  Shoot me.  This was okay.

Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.  Cute, funny and a relevant storyline in spite of what the name implies.

Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughan, Rachel McAdams.  Alright, I know I've lost all credibility here but this was really a good movie all around.  I thought it was going to be like one big bachelor party and in the first 20 minutes it does seem pretty raw (lots of bad language).  But then a traditional story line ensues with great acting and it tugs at your heart.  This version had what seemed like 10 minute long commercials every 20 minutes.  Eternity, but I was determined to watch it until the end.  


Abby was here Sunday and we were going to watch Lion.  That would have been a real awakening for me after indulging in mindless pleasure for two whole nights.  She fell asleep early and I binge watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  :-)


A quick meal I want to make that fits in with my love of one dish meals (bowls as they are called in some trendy spots):  The Mediterranean Bowl.  It consists of any sort of grilled meat or firm fish (or none),  sliced zucchini and eggplant, tomato, red onion, couscous, feta cheese, green olives and a sprinkle of olive oil and red wine vinegar.  S&P as desired.  Mouth watering.


While we are in the kitchen I have some trivial drivel on some shortcuts I take as I'm inherently lazy in spite of being a perfectionist.  

I love a clean stovetop but don't like to clean it.  When I have to brown or saute foods that splatter oil, I spread a sheet of foil next to the skillet.  Toss it out when you're done and no clean up. 

At the end of the day I like to clean my kitchen sink out by squirting a few drops of liquid dish soap and scrubbing.  This cuts grease like charm.  No chemicals or products you hate.  

I'm weird about bathrooms.  I've heard that your kitchen sink has more germs than your bathroom sink but  I'm not convinced.  I keep disinfectant wipes in the vanity below the sink and use them every single morning.  I'm careful to wipe the faucet handles, the pump dispenser of the liquid soap and the flush handle.  Very obvious why. 

I wish I had another tidbit but as I said, I'm pretty lazy.


Some quotes I wrote down and immediately forgot.

Praise the effort, not the outcome.
The biggest goal is to move on and not keep making the same mistakes.  Nope, just new ones.  
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
The problem is trying to fill up everyone's cup because yours is empty.

I did not write down the sources but heck, we'd forget that, too.  

See you all soon!

Jane x

Thursday, May 4, 2017


I've been downloading photos and writing this post in my head for days.  I keep thinking, "I'll have the time tonight", or, "I'll have the time tomorrow."  Well, it never happens unless I sit down and make it a priority. I am at 11:30 at night trying to put my words together in a sane way.  

Hello and goodbye to the the pretty tulips.  With the mild winter we had they really don't last long.  I was happy to have the beds cleaned out and now I'm ready for warmer temps, a few additional plants and bulbs, and a ton of shredded bark which has disintegrated over the past few years.  The Husband and son Kevin brought my patio furniture out of the shed Saturday and I just don't have the enthusiasm to get things spiffed up when the weather is hovering in the 40's and 50's along with non stop rain.  Go figure.  

I'm loving my Monday walks with Madelyn.  It's just more fun with a baby in a stroller (even if she snoozes most of the time).  People tend to smile warmly at me much more, as opposed to when I'm running/walking, sweating and panting.

The university campus is 3 blocks away on a whole 2 mile city block.  On the grounds is the all-girl Catholic high school my girls attended.  The all-boy Catholic high school is there as well, and my boys went there.  The grounds are beautiful; a large pond with a fountain, plenty of benches all around, beautiful trees and all sorts of flowers and plants.

Occasionally you meet the random goose, duck, turtle or chipmunk.  The kids going to and from class or the dorms look so much younger than I remember being at that age.  I love their care free ways, laughter and dedication to education.  I feel a little melancholy as well...what would I do, be, if I could do it all again?  Then I look down at this precious 5 month old baby and know I wouldn't change a thing.   

Lake time this past weekend.  It was rainy and cold but it wasn't that bad because I still have much to keep me busy indoors.  The Husband worked hard on the garage which isn't so horrible as it's heated.  We packed up a ton of stuff...mostly mine to bring up.  We hardly had room for Milo and Layla.  And speaking of the 2 monster-dogs, I've been walking them on leashes lately.  Milo is always off leash as he knows to stay close to me and can find his way home if he wanders, but Layla is as quick as a bunny and has to be caught and wrestled to the ground.  So we walk together and it's much like walking with Madelyn, a purpose instead of exercise.   

Now look at that water.  Hard to believe in a month there will be boats pulling water skiers, jet ski's, pontoons and sailboats.  

The color is a bit off here, it was night and I did my best to edit the photo.  I was up reading after The Husband had gone to bed and I could feel how vast the Great room is.  The ceiling is 19 feet high.  You can see the balcony off our bedroom on the far upper right.    I just enjoy the heck out of this house and often marvel that it's ours.  

I hope I'm not creating a mishmash in doing each room a bit differently after our flood.  I wanted a beach feel and I think I created that on the lower level.  Upstairs, the two guest room are a work in progress.  But as far as the master bedroom, I had a plan.  I wanted it very simple and laid back.  No frills.  Been there, done that.  I hope I don't bore you with these photos  

On this wall I really wanted to showcase an antique trestle table The Husband found.  He had wanted to use it as a desk but that never happened.  I decided it would be more spare than a dresser, so I keep a basket of my makeup and 'products' here as well as a wood framed mirror from HomeGoods.  The  lamp is from The Beekman collection at Target.  

Our home is a double A-frame so the ceilings are a little wonky.  We've had our bed on every single wall but I think we nailed it by placing it on an angle and leaving a lot of free space in the room.  The Husband found the headboard at the original Marshall Field's in downtown Chicago right before we moved in.  I was thinking of getting something upholstered and then sentimentality won out.  All of the Bedding is from Target.  The rug is from Wayfair.  I posted a picture of this on Instagram and the rug got the most compliments.  It's 80% wool so I would never use it in any space other than this...I know it would be impossible to clean.  In fact, that's a balcony you can see in the background.  I'm currently in the midst of teaching the dogs to wipe their paws before they come in.  ;-D

And the last bedroom pic I'll bore you with.  I stole these chairs from a little bistro set I had on the balcony.  Spur of the moment and I think I'm going to get a simple bench with a cushion at some point in time.  The Husband was really surprised with the details of the room when I let him come and look.  If you enlarge the picture you can see the canvas print of Lady Anne.  I found this at Joss and Main (gotta love that website!).  He really likes it as he had a horse when he was young.  

I think I'm done with this room and I feel so comfy and relaxed when I crawl in bed at night.  

There always seems to be so sort of adventure or happening during our time away that would never occur at home.  Here we have Layla nearly being drowned in the kitchen sink after rolling on a dead bird.  What is it about dogs that they seem to find the stinkiest ever and have to roll and saturate themselves in it?  And then they want to snuggle in your bed with you.  I scrubbed her, threw her collar in the washing machine and she proceeded to run around the house like a maniac.  Now, why do they do that?

Milo is super healthy for being 14 years old.  He's pretty deaf and sleeps a lot but so do I.  The other day I saw him go after a rabbit on our backyard and he was as fast and agile as a Greyhound.  I'm treasuring moments with him more and more and I find myself taking a lot of pictures of him doing everyday things like this.  It may sound crazy but when we lost our first dog, Shadow, I really regretted not brushing his beautiful black coat more.  As useless it is to blame myself for something like that, I want to relish every minute with my dogs; hug them more, bury my head in their fur, shower them with love and attention.  I think all of you animal lovers understand this.  

Okay...I need to wrap this up.  I want to end with the latest randomlings in Blondieville.

~Latest Good Movies I Rented/Bought On Demand Out Of Sheer Boredom:

When Harry Met Sally (I know, I'm terribly late for the party and I totally loved it).
Cousins (I've seen this about 5 times but how can you resist Isabella Rossellini?)
My Brooklyn Bakery (Fun, bittersweet and lovable characters)
Mothers and Daughters (Lots of great actors and makes you examine your own relationships with your mother/daughter)

Finally, I couldn't help but bring this up as it's been nagging at me.  You know I love to watch the Chicago themes shows;  Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, etc.  I love that it is true to my city but sometimes it's a bit off.  I recently saw an episode that really got me.  Two of the characters were sitting in a restaurant and I happened to look at the water glasses on the table.  I was aghast.  No ice.  No ice!!!  That is not how we do it.  First of all, we don't have to ask for ice water.  It is the first thing brought to your table.  And with ice (did I mention that?).  I remember that at many of our meals in restaurants as we travelled in the South, we were given water with no ice.  In fact, when we were at a restaurant in Tennessee, we saw on the menu under the listing of beverages, room temperature water.  I found that odd.  So I ask that you guys weigh in on that.  Ice?  No ice?  Room temp water?

That's it for now.