Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The New Year is moving at warp speed.  I'm hoping that by the months end I might truly say, "Ahhhhh..time to relax and just do what I want to do...sleep really late, read a lot of books, catch up on magazines, and write at least two blog posts a week.  Maybe organize and clean up a lot of cluttered spaces in my home as well"(okay, scratch that, this is supposed to be about fun).  But you know, just stuff I want to do, not 'have' to do.  But as per usual, I'm filling in spaces on the calendar with appointments and social gatherings.  I have to get tests done that were ordered at my yearly physical in December, new audiology testing, the mammogram...I should just pack a bag and spend a few days in the hospital.  We have friends to meet up with as we were all too busy the past few weeks.  Our Elsie has  her first birthday coming up and a great celebration planned.  I have a birthday coming up, too, but we won't talk about that.  ;-)  So the coming weeks look busy but I have high hopes for some down time after. 

So here is Part 2 of 2015 in review.  I know I do this more for me but I hope you enjoy.  I left you off in June, 2015 in my last post with a broken arm and weeks of miserable physical therapy.  But still, we planned and had a wonderful 4th of July party because in the past we always had one at the lakehouse.  Those celebrations were huge, so many friends and family members that many stayed in a motel nearby.  Great days of boating, swimming, eating grilled foods, homemade salads and appetizers, playing in the sand and a new-found activity---racing kayaks.  We upped the ante by pairing young and old, and guys and girls as teams.  You must use your imagination here, I don't want to hurt feelings.  Yay young and older gals won two years straight!!

So many good times but our backyard 4th party here in the city was fabulous, too.  

Milo is poking thirteen years old with a short stick so I made a Bucket List for him.  It mostly consists of spending a minimum of three hours per day outdoors with me.  A win/win.  If I let him and Layla outside alone, they do their number and then sit on the porch forlornly looking for me to let them in.  When I'm out with them they are happy and frolicking and looking for squirrels.  So we did that a lot this past summer.  My puttering in the garden and reading on the patio makes for some great 'Me' time.  They trot along behind me looking for sticks and sniffing for buried walnuts.  We can learn a lot from dogs.  All they want is to eat, sleep, play and be loved.  Sounds good to me.  

Watching little Elsie grow like a bean sprout was fun in itself.  I had heard the saying, "If I had known grandchildren were so much fun I would have had them first."  So true.  She's a delight.  I am looking pretty ratty here, it was the 4th and I was a crazed woman dealing with thirty guests and a broken arm I didn't realize I had.  And humidity does a number on the hair.  Ouch :)

August was an absolutely perfect time to get away and off we went to my niece's wedding in Louisville.  My brother has lived down there forever and it's always fun to visit.  We took advantage of it this year by staying a few extra days but you might just want to read the post.  Jaime and Garrett live in Brooklyn.  Jaime is a writer and very successful.  Garrett is just so fun, I think he and Jaime are a perfect match.  One of these days we'll get to NYC and visit them.  They said their vows on a hotel rooftop overlooking the Ohio River.  The reception was wonderful and The Husband and I met up with so many relatives we normally don't see.  It was a fabulous night.  

My brother, John and me.  He retired from teaching a few years ago and then went back to administration a few days a week...I guess golf year round is pretty much non-existent in their parts!  lol! He was also a baseball and football coach for many years and inducted into the Indiana Hall of Fame.  May I brag a little?  And I know you won't believe it, but this handsome guy just turned 68.  

A bit blurry but The Husband and I had breakfast with the family the next morning and then went off to explore the different  parts of Louisville.  It was so fun.  A full day of browsing shops and bookstores, stopping here and there for coffee and later some craft beers.  We really had a great time and plan to head back soon.

This was also the year that my baby, Abigail Jane, left home and The Husband and I became empty nesters.  I didn't like it one bit and still don't.  I would gladly welcome all four of our children back home again.  Abby moved to the Northside of Chicago and rents a coach house with three girlfriends.  Thankfully, she comes home a few times month.  We turned her room into a guest room and I joke, she's our only guest!  We're very proud of her, she teaches high school English in a predominately Hispanic school, that's difficult, I'm sure.  And it's hard to believe sometimes that she's just a few years out of college herself and preparing her students for the same.  She does however, mentor so many young kids who identify with her and this fall she started coaching girls basketball.  Where she gets her energy, well, it's not from me! lol!

August was another huge time in our lives when our oldest son married the love of his life, Deirdre.  It was a beautiful wedding(you can read about it here), and they are truly perfect for each other.  Deirdre is so very sweet and fun.  She has a fantastic career and travels quite a bit.  And she's so great for Jeff.  He's a ball of energy and has a very successful business of his own. He recently started hiking big time as well as mountain climbing.  He has goals for some large expeditions in various places next summer.  I'm very proud but a mother worries, of course. 

Near the end of September The Husband and I planned a little trip winding down to our place in Asheville, NC.  We love the South and rather than just flying into Asheville, we like to come in from another area and then do a road trip to see various cities and towns along the way.  This year we flew into Nashville.  We loved it.  The best part was staying in a little log cabin in Franklin, TN., just outside Nashville.  The town is known for its great downtown shopping area filled with various shops and restaurants.  Our little cabin was on a huge acreage of land once owned by Wynona Judd and then Sheryl Crow.  We were really star-struck!! And it was a really cute place.  You can read more in my September 2015 post.

Driving through Tennessee was a beautiful experience.  The Husband must have exclaimed every five minutes, "Look at all of these fences!"  For some reason he thought that was unbelievable.  For me, I never really saw anything inside of the fences but maybe for a few horses.  No cattle or sheep or goats or chickens...can someone explain (this is the Midwestern girl in me talking)?   But the fences were beautiful as was the landscape.  We stayed in Nashville, Franklin and Gatlinburg.  I refrain from talking about Gatlinburg only because of my never ending fear of bears which was always at the forefront of my mind.  And I was so excited to find a rustic cabin in the woods to stay at and then never ventured outside of it once I saw how remote and wild it was.  Well...wild to me.   Ha!

Fall is always welcome here.  I did my share of decorating, much of which I posted.  We love autumn here in the upper Midwest and always hope for an Indian Summer.  I think we got it.  That and a very rainy and mild winter so far.  

Granddaughter Elsie grows like a weed, she's at such a fun stage now.  She's almost walking.  I can't take enough pics.   When I'm with her memories of holding my own young daughters come flooding back.  Things come full circle and I'm constantly amazed how life has so many twists and turns...just when you think the best of times are in the past, your heart awakens to new joys. 

We had a full house for Thanksgiving dinner and an even more full house for dessert.  That's how our  family works.  Yes, I get stressed out but I think most of us would with 15 to 20 guests. Still, it's such a great time.  This is a small part of out table.  As it turned out, we did a sort of buffet and everyone sat where they wanted.  Much more informal and perfect for our large group.  

And finally, Christmas.  I can't believe that we ultimately bought our tree and decorated the fireplace just five days before the 25th.  I've never been this late in the game.  I simply can't point my finger at any one thing but I do know that for once, I wasn't racing against time, I was looking for the right time.  That made it okay.  I kept things at a minimum although I don't necessarily call that a victory cry.  Sometimes I think we have to stop the over-glorification of 'simple', 'uncluttered', 'frugal'.  We  set the bar too high sometimes and make those who actually don't have issues with those things feel inferior.  Let's be fair and good friends and just do what we love to do.  :)

Another picture of Elsie.  I was reading the new issue of The Dr. Oz magazine and he was writing about welcoming his second grandchild.  How it was a blank slate; millions of paths, choices and opportunities for this grandson of his.  And that led to his thoughts on what we adults do.  We have goals and plans to be our best, to reach our potential, yet we mistakenly feel defeated by worrying about the hard work...the actual 'doing'.  And worry we do!   So sometimes we never get past that desire or goal because we fear defeat and that's sad.  We have to start somewhere and I think the pain of regretting we didn't try is beyond and worse than the pain we feel when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones.  Hey---Dr. Oz and and I are old pals! lol!

I was so surprised and I'm not sure why except for maybe some sort of brain fog from the holiday happenings, that I never made up a 'word' for 2016, nor a resolution.  So many of us say we don't make resolutions, and that's okay.  I simply do it because I'm the sort who likes to look forward, not back.  My future is a clean slate and I can flow along like I'm on my kayak or I can make out a plan.  Either way, I'm moving forward and that's just perfect for me.  I guess right now I'm just floating...I usually have goals and I make concrete, old fashioned written down plans to achieve them.  But I only had a vague idea this year, again, no word or well thought out plan.  I'd love to wrap this up by saying I do know why it's been difficult,  that it's 'this' or 'that', but I'm just feeling right now that the clouds are going to part soon and I'll have some clarity.  Can I just say that I'm going to chip away at it as I go along?  That goals are a beautiful thing but right now my goal is to give myself a break from goals?  

In a few months I'll be at the lake in Michigan in the warm sun, paddling around the anchored boat with Milo on a floatie while The Husband fishes for bass.  We'll grill hamburgers and steaks and drink Blue Moon under the stars.  We'll bring the gardens back to life (and I'll wrestle with the wisteria!).  Here in the city we will finally redo the wretched chipped  porch and driveway.  I'll add to my perennial garden beds and we may get around to cleaning up 30 years of junk in the basement.  And that glorious home in Asheville?  A trip or two and hopefully visits with the lovely people I've met through blogging that live there....amazing, the best and in a place we never thought we'd return to.  Let it be learned...anything is possible.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 and that Part 2 hasn't bored you to tears!  I do it for myself so very  much...I love to see at a glance what the year was like.  

Now I feel very behind because we are well into the first week of January and I'm reminiscing, but I'll give all of you time to read and fully comment and then I'll bring you up to date on what's happening around here now.

Love and Happy New Year!!!

Jane x


Susan Freeman said...

You have not bored me to tears ~ I enjoyed reading every word! Happy New Year Jane, and I can't wait to see where life takes you in 2016!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this sooooo much, thank you sweet lady for allowing us such a great look at your life,,

Debby said...

I enjoy your reviews. Lots of hopes and dreams for the new year. Your granddaughter is so cute.

Terra said...

I enjoyed your review and seeing many happy events with your family. I applaud you for coping happily with 20 and 30 guests. Well done.

A Quiet Corner said...

Jane, while just about everything you did in 2015 was wonderful, I couldn't help but remember what YOU went through for surgery. You are so fortunate to have such happiness and health in your life!...:)JP

Bluebird49 said...

Aha! You posted while I was busily knitting away at that chemo hat that has given me fits! So glad it's done, and I just pray it fits her. She's very tall and her head is much larger than mine--so I'm hoping I found a good pattern for her. If it fits, I'll glad nit more.
I just sent you an e-mail, and beware--the keyboard on the computer skipped all sorts of letters, so you'll have to guess what I said ! I didn't notice til I had sent it! (Sorry!)
Jane--you had such a busy time this year--you could easily have split your looking back posts in to four posts! :) But I want to pick out--I'm so glad to see pictures of you! I LOVE your picture of you holding Elsie--and I love your hair and your happy look! And your brother is deserving of some boasting! And he's handsome, too.
There are so many things you touched on---I loved seeing your holidays and I just love pictures, especially of you and your family! Abbie is beautiful, and though Emily wasn't in here, she is, too. And your boys are so handsome--Jane, your family is so much to be proud of.
I know you're looking forward to a birthday celebration in downtown Chicago, about which I hope we hear a lot about. It sounds so wonderful to me.
Oh--and your Christmas tree was beautiful. I don't know if I remember seeing a full shot of it--but my memory is gone, so I could have! :(
This was a great review--and please, give us more pictures of you! You're too beautiful to hide behind the camera all the time!
xx Trudy

Susie said...

Blondie, I followed your all thru last year, I had forgotten all the things you did. You saw lots of wonderful places, enjoyed your family and friends, did many fun and good things. You were a busy family. :):) You are right the granddaughter is adorable and growing ever so fast. Hold on to those times together. Blessings to you dear friend, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Elsie is a beautiful little girl. Like all grandmothers, thee are truly smitten. All as it should be... I like your attitude about recognizing our decorating differences...to each her won... Sounds as if you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season. A Happy New Year to you!

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

I definitely enjoyed your part 2, life was better and that is a very good thing. Hoping that you and your family have the best year ever in 2016.

Doreen@househoneys said...

That picture of Elsie laughing is so freakin adorable, and you're right, there's always new joys to be had. We just have to be open to them. Sometimes they come in the form of adorable, healthy grandchildren, one of life's greatest and most precious of gifts. Sometimes it's in the little things...a pretty, lush garden, a lovely lunch with a good friend, a quiet night by the fire. Every day above ground is a good day my friend. xxx

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

You have had a busy, wonderful year, despite some mishaps. I hope that 2016 will be good to you when new adventures will come your way.

Benita Roberts said...

Jane, this is so wonderful! Your family is so beautiful and so many wonderful things happened over the course of a year! I love your blog and am so looking forward to reading more about you and your family and your home and your decorating and your adventures and...well, just everything! Love and hugs to you sweet friend!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Jane, I enjoyed your review and beautiful photos. You had quite a year with lots going on with your lovely family. It ended sweetly with Christmas and a pretty Christmas it was. I love your tree! Wishing you and yours a wonderful, fun-filled and happy New Year!

Elaine Foley said...

So many family memories. Love the pics of Little Elsie. Must be so fun to have a little one around again.

Not sure about the word for the year thing. Never been a fan of one word defining an entire year. Each year has so many twists and turns.

I am all for slowing the hustle and bustle of Christmas down and I am so glad to hear you put up your tree so close to Christmas. So did I and I did not beat myself up about it or feel guilty.

Now I have to work on my year in review part 2 as well.

Shirley said...

Hi Jane, I have enjoyed catching up with you and your review of part 1 and 2. It doesn't seem like your granddaughter should be close to a year already. It really makes you wonder where the time has flown. We will always have our memories of all of the good times and the bad that can't be taken away from us. I am glad the holidays are over now back to normal what ever that is. I love the pictures. Take care Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

Kim said...

Not bored for even a second, Jane. I enjoyed the look back...especially at the baby and the weddings! Great quotes from Dr. Oz, very true. I wrote a word post today. I normally am able to write posts in ten minutes, they just flow out. This one took a while. It's about the new year, work and goals. I know what I want to do, but for some reason it was hard for me to clear the clouds and really see it...

Sarah said...

Have much enjoyed your year's recap, Jane. Yes, it is like sitting down to visit with an old friend and catching up!

Barbara F. said...

Happy New Year, Jane! Loved this post, of course! Elsie is so adorable. If you come to NYC you need to let me know, and I will come meet you, for a cup of coffee or whatever!

Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I have loved your review. What I do like about this time of year is going through past posts and reliving the moments, more than a diary as they are visual. Here's to another fun packed year! Take care xx

Theresa said...

Wonderful memories! Sweet baby girl, OH MY what a doll! Your Brother is very handsome and certainly doesn't look 68! I know you have enjoyed looking back and are now enjoying looking forward to this new year! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUG!

Rita C. said...

I love your recap, Jane. And I like your look on the 4th of July - very natural beauty. Elsie sure gets it honest!

bj said...

What a great post of all the year. It was a good year for us, too. Looking forward to a brand new year.
Your brother is sure a hunk...and that baby is so precious.
Happiest New Year, dear one...

Deserae said...

You had a very full year....so glad you were able to spend time with your friends and family. Happy New Year!!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Jane, really enjoyed reading your year review sipping my morning coffee. Wonderful pictures too, thanks for sharing,Hugs Francine.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Jane following your journals In 2015 it was fun to stroll down memory lane with you and remember all your shares in your most enjoyable posts. Elsie turning one, time flies! In 2016 there will be fun adventures and new memories made and I wish you much happiness as your days turn into a filled in journal from the New Years blank slate.

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Jane, your life is very interesting! I can relate to so much of what and how you say things. This was fun reminiscing with you. I hope 2016 is all you dream it to be! I look forward to spending it here in blogland with ya! Hugs!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I just read your last 3 blog posts and now I'm all caught up. Very fun reading about your year in review. Although I might add our trips to Door County and Cedarburg were pretty memorable too. Elsie is adorable! Almost walking huh? Oh time flies. I think Ryker won't be far behind. The past few weeks have been tough. Needless to say, it's my daughter and her boyfriend having issues. Things have calmed a bit and I can breathe a little.
Love seeing all your flowers and your beautiful xmas tree. You have a lot of talent my friend.
Going to Phoenix the first week in February. Addison is going too, so it will be a little different but good I hope.
Take care hugs Jane.

Linda said...

What a year you have had! Phew...I am tired just reading about it!
Elsie is a sweetheart...hope this year beings you closer to her...
She needs her Nana♥️
My sweetie is napping...and then we are off for a bike ride!!
How was your soup??
Linda :o)

susan said...

That was quite an eventful year you had, Jane. But, there's lots of wonderful things to look forward to in 2016 and, like you said,
it's much better to look forward than back. I feel the same way. So, here's wishing a year filled with joy, happiness, love and abundance. Happy 2016! xo

Kathy Moreland said...

Great look back, Jane. Love the photo of you and baby Elsie! You had a fabulous year! I enjoyed reading of all the fun things you and your family do! Hope you have a wonderful 2016!!

Anonymous said...

What a great recap post! These posts will be so nice to look back on I'm sure! It sounds like you had quite an exciting 2015 and I wish you all the best for the new year as well :-) Silvana

Melanie said...

Elsie is such a doll...I can't believe she's going to be one already! Time certainly flies.
Wishing you good results with all your medical testing.
Enjoyed seeing your 2015 recap and I know you can't wait to get back to the lake house. I can't wait to see all the remodeling!
Oh, I am indeed feeling 100%. That minor bug I had (sore throat) only lasted a few days.

Suzanne said...

Wow! What a busy year and such a beautiful family. I grew up in that area of Tennessee. I know it very well. Have a wonderful New Year!

Debbie said...

What a lovely post, Jane. Your life seems full, and happy. I like that you are open to whatever comes along in the next year. Happy New Year, dear friend.

Liz Hockamier said...

Awe, Jane! What a wonderful year.
I'm excited for 2016. I'm glad to start over this year! :)

Happy New year to you!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Loved this review of your year! I also love that pic of you and Elsie. Such a joy to have her in your lives. :) Excited to see everything you do in 2016!

Dewena said...

Jane, I've enjoyed every line of these two review posts. Even learned some things I didn't know, like why you didn't go to the lakehouse this summer--that terrible water damage, oh my, what a shock it must have been to see and then to deal with. I also had somehow missed exactly how you broke your arm. Standing in a chair? How many times has my husband done that rather than getting out the stepladder, and yet we hear this same thing over and over, friends falling from them. Maybe your story will keep a reader from doing the very same thing.

But I certainly enjoyed the review stories of all the wonderful happy things in your life this year, the celebrations and dear Elsie!

I feel the same as you about January already slipping away too fast. And I really thought there would be time for reading and watching some Christmas movies I didn't get to earlier. Ha! Where do the days go? I have learned not to set impossible goals for myself and haven't had a resolution in years, except for fun ones. But this year I did determine that 2016 would be the year I got serious about de-cluttering. But have I begun yet? Nope.

Best to you in 2016, Jane,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Blondie I had missed a few of your posts so really appreciate the chance to catch up. I LOVE the picture of you with sweet Elsie. Have a fabulous weekend! I am gearing up to start another semester of school on Monday. :)

Jen said...

Elsie is adorable! I really enjoyed reading about your trip to TN. and that you have a home in Asheville, NC. I kind of thought that might be a nice place to explore someday. My husband says it's too hot and sticky in the summer though! He's wants to live in the Rockies which is way to cold for this Southern CA beach girl. I'd love to hear more about Asheville!. Have a great weekend! :) Jen

Maria Elena said...

Great post, Jane! Loved seeing the pics of your granddaughter. She is sooo beautiful! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year! xxx Maria

Lori said...

Love your year in review! When we take the time to sit down and think back over the year that was we can choose to pick the bad even when there was so much good. Floods, broken bones and bears ~ but look at that grandbaby. Hugs to you ~ I cannot wait to read all about 2016 xoxo

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Jane you have had an amazing year with little Elsie being such a highlight and joy : ) I remember when you first announced that she was on the way and I was so happy for you, knowing the love and joy that was in store for you all down the line! :)

Yes there have been troubles but overall you always look on and show the positives! :) May 2016 exceed all of your wildest expectations for happiness.

Ellen Ross | Ask Away said...

YOU KNOW, i've always wanted to go to tennessee!
XO Ellen from Ask Away

chateau chic said...

You had me laughing at the beginning of this post about packing a bag and just staying at the hospital for a few days to get all the tests done! I feel like that sometimes too.
You had quite an amazing year, Jane, and it was fun to recap with you.
Mary Alice

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Dear Jane, I loved this post. You said so many things that I think about. The first week of January I was busy with tons of appointments and I thought is this how its going to be for the rest of the year. But now that the decorations are down and my social life has really slowed down I can catch up on my blogs that I follow.

You had quite a year and of course that beautiful baby. She is so pretty. Now the fun will begin with her.

your tree is very pretty and all your decorations too.

Have a great 2016 and looking forward to your great posts.
Have a terrific week Jane.

Jen Kershner said...

What a year full of blessings! You are right, I cannot believe your brother is 68! That is a great picture of the two of you!

Nancy Crowley said...

Hi Jane,
I've just finally had time to visit again, and commented on Part 1, and LOVED it. My youngest daughter and you have the same Birthday! Jane, you are such a good writer! seriously, that last paragraph of this post, I'm in the boat with you guys fishing for bass, I really want to know what Blue Moon is, it sounds like my-kind-a-thing, very Van-Morrisey, and I wished I lived next door so I could rest my arms on the fence, and chat about your new finds for the perennial bed, and listen to your dogs come and sniff at the lady on the other side of the fence.
And I actually love the pic of you holding Elsie on 4th of July, you're beautiful in it, glowing, happy.
God, I hope the year is good to everyone. And that we all have the strength and common sense to let go of stress when it starts to overwhelm us, and to truly be in the moment when we have an Elsie on our laps. This is my wish for you. xx Nancy

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