Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Remember my granddog, Tulo?  He looks a little different as Jeff has him groomed drastically during the warm months.  See his pink tongue hanging off the side of his chops?  Yes, Tulo Droolo for sure.  We had the big guy yesterday and overnight.  We don't really do this much as our house is small, he is relentless in wanting to play with Milo, and since Milo is going on twelve---well, it wears my baby out.  And of course, I have to give Milo a good scrub in the bath after all the Droolo (if you know what I mean).  And Layla cowers in our bedroom.  We play a sort of musical chairs rotating them indoors and out, to eat and have water.  It's hard but we love Tulo, he's really only comfortable with Milo as far as other dogs and I spoil him terribly.
In spite of a 4 day heatwave with temps hitting 92 degrees in the shade, I had to get these dogs outside.  As I watered all my pots and garden beds, I also watered a big section of grass to cool it off for the dogs to lie in, and that they did.  I also bought Tulo a big bone to keep him busy.
Emily popped over early evening with her pup, Rusty (the Boston Terrier you see here).  They roughhoused and really wore each other out.  And now you can see that Rusty has confiscated The Bone.  Milo had it for awhile and as I write this very minute, Layla is gnawing away on it at my feet. 
I awoke this morning to Tulo howling and crying---pitiful.  Thankfully Jeff came for him about 10 a.m.   As with grandkids, you get to give them back to their parents. ;-) 

We had a rather nice Labor Day weekend.  We were sort of like fish out of water.  I asked The Husband, "What does everyone do on Labor Day?"  We have always been at the lakehouse (and what a wild weekend that is as it's sort of the grand finale of summer).  We each discreetly texted the kids inquiring what their plans were and they all had something going on.  Ouch!  Come on, I said to The Husband-let's get out of Dodge. 
I think I've mentioned that we like to explore small towns.  We even make vacations of it.  One of our favorites is a historic town about a half hour away,  Most of the homes are well over a million dollars.  The downtown area is fantastic, while most of the shops are a little over our budget we love to browse and the restaurants are great.  I know some of us have problems budging our husbands to do things like this.  My guy has always been pretty accepting of strolling through towns, having peeks into various shops and sometimes actually finding something he wants to buy.  But most times he finds a bench like this and sits and does a little 'people watching'.   This little town had an abundance of spots to sit and the flowers and plants made it all so pleasant.
I love all the little shops.  One complaint I have is with most of the apparel shops.  If you are over a size 8 you can absolutely forget finding anything no matter how gorgeous it is.  Clothing in these places are teeny weeny and it's so disheartening.  I focus on things like purses and scarves and sunglasses.  I'm not a size 2 or 8 or 10 and I feel the sales ladies simply avoiding me---what can they show me?  It's not snobbery, it's just the way things are. 
There are two floral design shops I love to visit.  I have a few cute pots that look sort of weathered and aged that I picked up awhile ago.  I never used them outdoors and I was really wanting to have some houseplants although I'm a notorious indoor plant killer.  This is one of my fave shops.  Love the name. :)
Here's a happily potted couple of ivy plants in their new home.  You know I love ivy as my brick house is covered in it.  Indoors...well I lost a few  pots.  The owner of the shop advised me to keep the soil moist always.,  Any other tips from you ladies?
Another plant I went gaga over was an ornamental oregano plant.  Not as tasty as it's cousin that's used for cooking, it makes for a gorgeous potted beauty.
Look at this close up photo.  The flowers resemble little roses with pink leaves.  Lot's of sun will give you this effect.  I'm going to give it some time outside where it will get some sun (it's also adaptable to low temperatures so that's good).  This is my new baby.  I'll be heartbroken if anything happens to it.
All I purchased on our little Saturday excursion were these plants.  Here you can see my assistant, aka, The Husband (remember my bad arm).  Oh, and he has a bunch of fresh cut lavender in his right hand that I scored for free.  Yes!  By the way, he fell in love with a wallet.  Man oh man, this guy has had the same wallet for possibly longer than the 34 years I've known him.  A guy and his wallet are a beautiful thing.  Never interfere no matter how tattered and wretched it looks.  This one is curved in a way that it fits into a front pocket very easily.  So glad he found something for himself.
Some shops are simply overwhelming.  You have to take them with a grain of salt.  Most times my eyes flit over everything and barely rest on anything.  I may pick up a book or a funny greeting card but 9 times out of 10 we say hello, thank you and goodbye.  I feel very differently about places that feature items from local artists and creative people...in this case so many things are so massed produced it wears on me.   I thought of some design advice I recently learned...leave some blank spaces, the eye needs a place to rest to absorb the beauty and interest of everything else.  These sort of shops make me dizzy.  Oh, I sound terribly critical.  It really was a pretty place and smelled so good!
Whoa, I hope I didn't bore you silly with canine stories and our adventures in shopping.  I have to mention the highlight was having dinner at the Mexican restaurant we have grown to love, Cine.  Incredible as always.  Sorry. this is not a picture of my gorgeous dinner there, it's a quick meal I made one night this week while we were in the midst of our heat wave.  Our outdoor grill is not working and while we wait to get a person out to take care of it I'm doing everything possible stove top.  I try to tell my kids that they can make some fast and budget friendly meals that taste like a gourmet restaurant (or diner).  Chili dogs with cheddar cheese and chips?  Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with a make ahead potato salad.  I'm not a frugal gourmet by any means but I try to balance the budget and nights when I simply don't want a lot of prep and cooking time with some simple but interesting meals.  Last week I picked up a small, sliced, cooked ham.  I have one of those flat grill pans that fit over two stove burners so you can do pancakes, bacon, burgers, whatever you want,  Simultaneously I cooked up slices of the ham, layered Munster cheese over the pieces the last minute to melt and at the same time at the other end of the pan, heated up some slices of good French bread rubbed with fresh garlic cloves and a smear of butter.  Meanwhile I had one sweet potato cut into thin slices in the oven (save time and heat from the oven by starting off the potatoes in your microwave foe 2-3 minutes).  We were loving this dinner.  Totally thinking outside of the box and killing it with frugal, fresh and tasty new ideas.  A little Blondie tip. :)
So, from the heart and soul, I'm sure you're tired of hearing about the old arm.  4 more weeks of therapy ahead,  Still not moving anything above or beyond what I was able to do since this happened.  I've been having an indescribable ache the last few days that only icing it helps---as in 3 times a day minimum. Sometimes when my thoughts get a little dark I freak myself out imagining I may never be able to move my wrist again.  Silly.  But I am left handed.  But the therapy and icing helps. The Husband frowns on me bringing the ice pack to bed which I had thought was grand since it's about the only time I stay still.  A cold bag of ice rolling on to your husband's bare back in bed in the middle of the night does not a good marriage make. 
So I found this little stenciled saying on canvas last week at Marshall's.  My mantra these days.  I continue trying to find the time to map out a vacation for us at the end of the month.   This morning I met with an itinerary which The Husband left under the jar of my flavored coffee so I couldn't miss it.  A little weaving of flying into Nashville, visiting several towns in Tennessee including Gatlinburg (no offense but Gatlinburg?) and then on to our place in Asheville.  I had mentioned I sort of wanted to be by the ocean for a bit.  He looked at me like I had two heads.  "Why do you want to be by the ocean?"  Duh?  We have less than a week to decide where we want to go if we want to get good air fare. 
Now, I know I'm whining about vacation and some may just never get the opportunity to have one.   Bear with me.  My life never seems to be easy.  However this sign that now hangs very prominently  where I can see it everyday is the darn truth.  It keeps me moving.
See you soon!
Jane x


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! Your grandog Tulo is the cutest. My cat actually steals my dog's bone, it's so funny watching them! I have no advice on indoor plants. I have 3 in my house and I've been pretty fortunate with them because they haven't died yet :-/. I'm terrible with plants. I also like visiting small historic towns and I know what you mean about the teeny weeny clothes...it's annoying and I also find them quite over priced as well. Nevertheless, those small towns are very romantic. sending you best wishes, Silvana

Sonny G said...

I hope your wrist heals so you can have full use of it again...

I agree , that shop is quite cluttered :)

Tennessee this time of year is really beautiful and the mountain areas are slightly cooler- so you might really enjoy some time there...


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My grand dogs are also Labs. I love them both, but I am glad that I have never been asked to dogsit.

Planning vacations is fun but not always easy. He like and she likes are often different.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love wandering small towns and my husband is always game to explore and browse and shop. Sorry to hear the wrist is still giving you such problems. As I mentioned, Sheila said the PT she went through with hers was excruciating. She wanted to kick the therapist half the time, but she's glad she suffered through. Take care! Tammy

Theresa said...

I love small town shopping:) I like wandering in and out of the shops and looking around! I love making good and inexpensive meals, yummy and not a lotta dollars! Enjoy your day dear friend, hope you get the vacation plans ironed out:) HUGS!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

That small town looks like a wonderful place to wander. I am sorry to hear that your wrist is still hurting you.

Anonymous said...

you've had a busy summer! Tulo is really growing,, such a handsome dog,,
fast and frugal food sounds like perfect summer eating to me ,
I hope your arm soon rights itself you have suffered enough with it!

Mary said...

Sweet Jane, I really hurt for you dear - the wrist is such an important area for we busy women - I just know how miserable it must be not able to use your hand and to have constant pain. I hope so much you will get some major relief very soon. Fortunately PT has come a long way and they should get you back to maximum usage, despite some pain along the way. Kisses - and hope that you do well.

The small town visit with A looked fun - and you both found some little treasures along the way. I agree about shops that just have far too much merchandise to really 'see' anything - like you I make a quick exit, and I also often just buy a card, LOL!

Hope you get to take a trip - why not Asheville rather than Gatlinburg? Is your condo rented out at present? It will be beautiful up there soon with the fall foliage - you should try to get there if possible. Sadly, we can't make it this year and will miss catching up with 'the two Pennys' etc. We'll be in France and I'm really excited about the trip with our friends, seeing some areas I've not visited previously, then meeting up with my brother and heading to Spain for a few days before coming back.

Anyway my dear, enjoy each day and try to rest a bit more, you are always so busy. Hello to A - I know he'll take good care of you. Love from us both.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I can't believe how big Tulo has gotten! He looks so charming with his haircut too! I only have one ivy plant indoors, but mine seems to do best when I let it completely dry out between watering it. Good luck planning your vacation. I'm always the one who plans ours too. It's a lot of work, but always worth it. :)

Shirley said...

Hi Jane, I have enjoyed catching up with you. I don;t tolerate hot weather very good and thankfully I have found s tee shirt that is made of a fabric that keeps you cooler. Of course, the kids have their {tent} that they leave the sides off for us to be in the shade while I watch the boys. Your grand daughter is such a cutie and precious. Grandchildren keep us young. Have a fun adventure wherever you go. Try for some cooler temperatures if possible. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi Jane,
First up I love seeing photos of Tulo he seems so full of personality and perhaps a bit too much drool... Poor Layla, hiding in the bedroom. But I'm sure you've showered her with love and attention.
Me too with enjoying exploring quaint little towns and doing some antiquing. There is just something about clutter that drives me crazy too. Especially in little stores, I also do not appreciate a ton of scents from things hitting me as I walk into the store.
I have never seen ornamental oregano and they do look like little roses on it. Ornamental would work fine for me since the scent is not strong. I'm all about using fresh herbs to cook with daily but my least favorite scent and taste is Oregano. What can I say but I sure think that plant is pretty.
I think about you often going through physical therapy for your arm. Jane 13 years ago I broke and tore ligaments in my ankles, yes both at the same time. I went to PT for many months and even now I must do my ankle exercises every morning and every evening otherwises they stiffen up and give me pain. Even when through your rehab try to daily do the stretches to keep complete range of motion.
What ever and where ever your vacation plans take you I'm sure you will enjoy the time away. We're planning a trip for next year, booked the hotel in the Netherlands (this one gets booked instantly its in a manor home) and John tried to purchase our airline tickets. But he was told you can't book flights until 330 days out. To which we said WHAT???
Oh so what do most people do on Labor Day, I guess in our area they flock to the shore since it's the last of summer, but we stayed in and relaxed. Our weather in Philly has been insane - temps of 93-94 plus maybe it's allergies or a head cold but being in yesterday was how I spent my Labor Day.
Sending my love and Hugs,

Dewena said...

A man and his billfold, you are so right! I learned as a newlywed not to ever again give him a billfold that he had not picked out.

It's like playing musical chairs here too when the grand-dogs come to visit or stay. I love them to pieces but Milo & Otis our doxies suffer the indignation of having to stay in a room behind a gate, for their own protection as they try to protect their turf, and the visiting dogs are bigger.

We love visiting small towns too and yours looked like a lovely time with your gallant knight toting the day's buys. I hope you come up with the perfect vacation plan and that your arm improves a little more by traveling time.

As always, your post today is so interesting, so revealing of a sweet blogger!


It's me said...

Wowwww Jane what a lovely dog!!...have a Nice week enjoy love Ria x

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Jane,
Tulo is too cute. Such a handsome guy. You know I love the quaint little towns to visit too. Looks like lots of fun.
Have a great new week.

Melanie said...

My hubby is like yours - he doesn't mind tagging along on my girly shopping adventures. He always finds some kind of shop he likes to poke his nose into and he loves to sit outside and people watch, too. I always have to smile because no matter what town we go to, there's always middle-aged and older men sitting on benches outside while their lady partner shops. ;-) The plants you found are so pretty. I'm sorry to hear you were ignored in those shops where they don't carry anything over a size 8. I do indeed think that's snobby - they could at least say hello and ask if they could help you...I mean, you might be shopping for your daughter, or like you said, they do carry other things.

Maybe I'm missing something about Gatlinburg - what's wrong with G'burg? Well, no matter where you end up going, I know you will have a good time.

Rue said...

HI Jane :)

What a great place to browse. Notice I didn't say shop? I have a hard time with crowded stores too, so I get it :)

Men and their benches LOL Mine does the same and as long as he gets a beer halfway through the shopping, he's happy lol


Doreen@househoneys said...

My hubby is the same way. Must be something in the DNA. And wallets? Yup, don't mess with them. I guess after a while it sorta molds to their body (butts), so who can blame them? Remember the old saying...use it up, wear it out, make it due, or do without. Is that the right 'due'? I'm wondering now lol.

It's true about clothing and larger sizes. My pet peeve? When something is labeled a 'large' and it's really for someone who is 5'1, 98 lbs. What's up with that?!


20 North Ora said...

Hi Jane - Sounds like a quaint little town but not too friendly. I hate making plans for vacations, Once I'm gone, I'm ok but just figuring out when and where and how drives me crazy.

Have a great short week!


Sarah said...

Jane, we don't have a lake house, so our Labor Days are pretty dull. We did join some friends for an early dinner out ~ Mexican food. Glad you had a fun day exploring the small town. I like to do the same, but unfortunately my husband won't join in. He used to many years ago, but just doesn't interest him now.
Been hot here too, but temps are supposed to drop some in the next few days. Hope the forecast is correct! '-)

Kathy Moreland said...

I'm with you on Gatlinburg! Pigeon Forge is ok, they have outlets and a great pottery. Well, they did at one time, it's been so long since I've been that may all be gone!! Your dinners always sound delicious.

Sounds interesting with the doggies. We had to have our Queenie put down last week. She was about 18, an outdoor dog, with arthritis. She got under the wheel of my car, and had so much damage, there was nothing else to do. We miss her terribly. She was a rescue dog who had been abused. My daughter got her for my grandson when he was little, but over the years, she had adopted my husband and me. She decided she liked our treats, I think, and finally just stayed with us all the time. Sweet, sweet baby. I was totally devastated that she got underneath my tire! It was horrible!

Hope your arm gets better. I know you are tired of the whole situation.

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Have a good week!

Linda said...

Oh, how I love catching up with you and what all is going on in your world.
Life is different without your lake house getaway. Hopefully you will have it back soon.
You made the best of it and I loved following you and your hub around!
Wishing you a full recovery as soon as possible! Bless your heart! You have had a rough time of it! LOVE that canvas with the quote!!! I may print one for myself!

Rita C. said...

Jane, your thought that sticks most with me is the reaction to the shop where the eyes cannot rest. Sometimes I feel like our booth spaces are that way, and we really try to purge long-standing items rather than leaving them in and slashing the prices (we just take them to our community yard sale). I do hope your arm takes a turn for getting back to your normal, it can be very depressing. Love the idea of planning a vacation almost as much as going. It'll be fun to hear what you decide on.

Susie said...

Blondie, So much going on for you....some of it so fun . I hope your wrist comes along fine, my g.son will be having PT when his foot and arm heals. I loved the plants you shows us...so pretty. I think I do understand the over done displays at some shops. There can be too much, indeed. I am in need a of a vacation myself and so tempted to make the plans for myself...only. My husband has fishing trips and such with the fellows ...but the past three years has totally forgotten me. Wonder what he would think if he got a postcard from Paris, France??LOL Blessings, xoxo,Susie

podso said...

I always enjoy your posts about your daily life. I do hope you settle on a vacation spot and can get away for awhile and really relax! I liked the view of your backyard!

Simple and serene living Laura Walker said...

Oh Jane, I can really empathize with the arm. I am in physical therapy for my right arm three times a week and I feel like I have been beat up after every session. I have the terrible ache, too. It is hard to describe. I think your Labor Day sounds perfect. Browsing shops in small towns is one of my favorite things. xo Laura

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

This was such a pleasant journey with you. I enjoy wandering through quaint and interesting towns as well. In my youth I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of larger crowds, but as time has gone on I prefer quiet, slow and not many people.
I had a dislocated shoulder from a skiing fall a couple of years ago and it is just now beginning to be pain free. It all takes awhile doesn't it. Sending you hugs:)
The puppies are so sweet.

Debby said...

Hi Jane. Life has kept me away from my blogging friends. I am trying to do a little catch up before things get even crazier. Still having problems with that arm. Yikes. I'm sorry. I hope you have some relief soon. Have they re checked to see if things aren't right.
My shoulder is constantly not letting me do things.....that's okay.....I really don't want surgery. Now that trigger finger on that same side is connecting with the shoulder in a bad way. Holding out as there is no time for this right now.
Your doggies make me laugh. Our Springer has turned into a puppy since we got little Hank. They run and play and slobber all over each other. They cry when one is outside and the other isn't. Piper the Springer does everything his baby brother does. Chewing on furniture, taking my hair bands and chewing up paper towels. It's a zoo here too.
I think of your lake house often. So sorry you can't enjoy it. The lake where our cabin was is almost desserted due the dam issue. They have lowered it so much. Now they want everyone to remove their docks. Can you imagine. If not it will be removed for them and they won't be leaving the pieces behind.
Well,back to my life again. You take care of that arm. Hugs

Cozy Little House said...

I had my right wrist (I'm right-handed) partially fused when I was in my early twenties. So even if one has limited use of the wrist, you learn to work around it till you don't notice the limitation after awhile. As for keeping a plant moist at all times, that usually leads to gnats, which my dogs are terrified of. I don't know how you can keep a plant moist without those little buggers, but ask the person who told you and maybe she knows.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh kiddo, you have so much going on, and still your arm is hurting all the time! I'm so sorry you have to hurt so much and I just pray it will heal with PT.
We had the kids here for Sunday and Monday, and although we were crowded, we enjoyed having them! I tried to fix some of my son's favorite foods, and we didn't do any grilling. They always dove hunt on Labor Day, and poor David got so many mosquito bites fishing the day before, he just looked miserable. They didn't get away til 8pm Monday night, getting home at midnight!
I know it felt weird not being at the lake this year--but next summer, it should be awesome.
I love your "outside the box" frugal recipes that are often quick and easy, too!
I've never heard of ornamental oregano, but it's beautiful, as was the ivy.
Loved seeing your 'grand dogs" playing, and Emily with her dad!
Shoot me a line when you feel like typing, and I hope you and the Husband can agree on a nice vacation! Nothing wrong with Gatlinburg, I know... it's just not a nice cottage on the Outer Banks!
Trudy xx

Barb @ Bella Vista said...

Hi Janie,

I do hope your arm is better soon. Those type things can wear one down, can't they?

We also love to browse little shops and different towns. Day trips are one of our favorite things to do now that Ron is retired. I don't understand why shop owners don't realize that the 'eye' can only take in so many things at once. I don't go into many shops like that anymore because they make me tired. I like calmness and some space between items.

Love the pictures of your dogs.

All your news was wonderful...you know I enjoy it all.

Stay cool and have a happy day.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Not bored, I felt like I was there with you Jane! We haven't really been on a little trip for too long, so I completely enjoyed the little shops, and your wonderful tour of your trip. Dogs? Love them…so sweet. xo Lidy

Linda said...

I agree with everything you said, Jane!
How nice that hubby is up to wee trips...sightseeing....shopping....you are a lucky gal!
Hope your arm sorts itself out...so annoying!
Enjoy your evening my friend....
Linda :o)

Debbie said...

How nice that you and hubby go on little jaunts together, and find it fun. Just getting away would be nice. I don't know if I could do the dog sitting thing...we have two of our own, and that is plenty for me. I'd much rather do the grandkids....I give you a lot of credit, girl!
That oregano plant is so interesting! I love the look of it! I'll be bringing in the Rosemary soon.
I sure hope your arm starts feeling better soon, Jane. It sure seems like you've been struggling with that for a long time now.
I don't blame you for wanting to be close to the ocean on your vacation...it's always my first choice!
Love to you.

Jacqueline said...

Love your mantra! I need that! It is so true!
We made the mistake of taking the kids to Park City for shopping Monday and it was a madhouse, but we still ended up having fun. I agree - the lake is just too crazy. We stayed in the cabin and next year, I think we won't be venturing out for shopping, just staying and enjoying Mother Nature in the mountains.

Leslie Harris said...

I think that's a fantastic mantra Jane, especially lately. I have so much empathy for you and your chronic arm pain. When I was painting my son's room a few days ago I pulled something in my lower back again. It's so humbling and frustrating at the same time. I can only imagine how hard it must be to have weeks of not being able to move your arm properly. Funny how easy it is to take our physical bodies for granted when they're healthy. But the minute something goes wrong we realize how precious a strong body is...don't we? Hang in there I know you're through with the worst part. And I'm sending you tons of positive thoughts.

bj said...

I love that sign....
hope your arm heals quickly...I just hate it when some part of my body hurts...or isn't working properly...I'm fighting an end-of-summer cold and feel terrible...whine whine whine...I better just go back to bed...

Carla from The River said...

Hello Jane,
Sending a hug. I know what you mean about the ice in the bed thing. LOL I did it too.
Love that Boston Terrier or as my boys call ours the Boston Terror. :-))
Have a blessed weekend.

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

I'm so sorry about your arm Jane! That has had to be so annoying trying to cook and even putting clothes on... I fell one time and fractured both of my arms. My husband had to help me dress, put my makeup on, fix my hair and even do some unmentionables for me... it was awful. But he is such a sweet man!!! Loved seeing your furry friends and hearing about your labor day adventures. We didn't do anything. It was good to just hang out here with everyone home. Hope you have a nice weekend and figure out your vacation... the ocean sounds nice.. somewhere around sunset, walking, maybe with a cold drink in hand :)

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jane, Love your new sign. It is so true and I just have to remember this and make a little sign too. So sorry your arm is still healing and you have 4 more weeks of therapy. I am sure the icing really helps but had to smile at the rolling onto your hubby during the night.

The sweet pups are all too cute. The big guy is a beauty and I am sure loved it at your house and all the love there. My hubby and I love to explore small towns near and far too. We have found some great little shops along the way.
Hope your vacation plans are perfect and you have a fabulous time. Being by the ocean is always a peaceful trip.
Have a great weekend. Hugs, cm

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

HI Jane, great new sign. Love the perfect words for a daily reminder. You poor thing, I hope your arm heals real soon. You are gifted with your very helpful husband. Love exploring little shops. Thanks for sharing some of them. Love seeing your fur babies. They bring us so much joy. Have a lovely weekend. xo

Nancy Crowley said...

Hi Jane,
I think you should think about a cookbook. Seriously. The previous post with the chicken and chorizo was awesome, and everything I've tried has been so good.
When I think vacation, it has to have water. We live pretty close to the US border in Vancouver, and it's about a 5 min walk to the beach but it still doesn't count. I want that experience that includes a beach or stretch of shore that i am not used to. Hope you find your bliss. xx Nancy

Kit said...

Sorry your arm is not getting better faster. That has to be frustrating. I like your new saying and it's so true. I agree, water is always my go to place to go. It just relaxes me so. :) Kit

Karen said...

Hi Jane, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yes, we do have some things in common, and after reading this I noted a few more: We have a granddog (a greyhound named George); I have a black thumb with indoor plants, but keep trying; and my husband doesn't mind shopping with me in little towns. AND, the teeny sizes in those boutiques frustrate me, too!

Looking forward to following your blog!

Suzanne said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. So sorry to hear about your arm. I'm a lefty, too. You little jaunt sounds like fun.

SmilingSally said...

Hi Jane,

So much time has passed since I've visited--grand child, injured wrist. This is what happens when I reduce my blogging days. Well, I know the arm will heal with you going to the therapist. And with 7 grandkids of my own, I know the years of pleasure that awaits you. Please keep me in the loop.

Kelly said...

I loved seeing all the sweet doggies at your house. Of course, I'm most fond of Rusty! LOL! Too cute with that huge bone in his mouth. I agree with you about going into stores with TOO much stuff. It can be over whelming and you can't see anything through all the stuff. Usually those are stores with a bunch of trinkets anyway. Love that oregano plant you bought! It's beautiful. The only advice I can give you about ivy indoors is to watch for aphids. They are tiny little spiders that cluster together and make webs and leave white residue on the leaves. It will kill your plant. I think there is some mixture you make up and spray on your plant to prevent that or get rid of it once you have it. It has been years since I grew ivy inside but that was a common problem for mine. Hope you continue to get better. There's nothing worse than chronic pain!

chateau chic said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful getaway for the day even though it wasn't far from home! That oregano plant is just gorgeous...hope it stays alive for you. Trusting your arm continues to heal.
Mary Alice

Jen @ The Light Laughed said...

Ah a road trip, and a fun one at that. Mist the ivy daily if you can get to it, the spider mites love that plant.

Love the Kent's beauty oregano...I wish we could find some around here.

Great quote, I have that on a canvas upstairs, took a photo of mine of a seeded dandilion and put the text overlay on it...it's one of my most favorite quotes...and one of the first things I see in the morning.

Saw your comment on Lori's blog...have a absolutely wonderful time in Vancouver next spring..it's gorgeous.


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Love the quote - how true. So sorry that your wrist is still giving you problems. Hopefully it will be back to normal soon.
Your excursion sounds like your and husband had a great day out shopping.
All the dogs looked like they were having a good time at grandma's house. Your lucky that they all get along so good.
Hope that your vacation get all booked the way you want. That time of the year should be stunning in Ashville. I love that town. Oh my the leaves will be spectacular.
Loved your post telling us all that happenings.
Take care dear friend and I hope that you get your vacation all booked. Have a wonderful week and hopefully the weather has cooled off for you. We are expecting rain, can you believe that, I'll believe it when I see it raining. LOL
Hugs dear Jane